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The ChapTones - i'll be there (non-stop mix)

The ChapTones - i'll be there (non-stop mix)

i’ll be there (non-stop mix) ___________________ author’s note: from the day i finished the album, i knew i wanted to make a version that more closely corresponded to how it was performed - as three twelve-minute suites, largely without interruption. due to the way we recorded, it would have been a headache to present the music that way on the album proper, but as soon as the final version was sent off to distribution i started work on what i’ve dubbed the NON-STOP MIX. a bit of a misnomer perhaps, given that there are occasionally stops, but rather than between every track, only where deemed thematically and narratively necessary. the non-stop format also allowed me to add some framing that never worked on the standard album - the tracks homemade dynamite, falling / recovery, and high hopes were written around a real-life few hours at a party in october 2018, so i used some found audio from that night to tie those sections together. this is my favourite way to listen to the album, and i hope you all love it as much as i do 💙 avery roberts arranger, writer, producer ___________________ CREDITS 0:00 - intro (who’s loving you) OPB: The Jackson 5 Written by: Smokey Robinson Solo: Sydney Jarvis 1:57 - victorious OPB: Panic! At The Disco Written by: Brendon Urie, Mike Viola, White Sea, Jake Sinclair, Alexander DeLeon, Rivers Cuomo, Christopher J. Baran Solo: Maia Mohammadi 4:44 - desperado / retrograde Desperado OPB: Rihanna Desperado written by: Krystin Watkins, Mick Schultz, Robyn Fenty, James Fauntleroy, Derrus Rachel Retrograde OPB: James Blake Retrograde written by: James Blake Solos: Jenny Newman, Jordan Decker, Avery Roberts 8:07 - leave me lonely OPB: The ChapTones Written by: Avery Roberts Solo: Avery Roberts 11:50 - interlude (wewereallalone) OPB: The ChapTones Written by: Avery Roberts Solo: Emma Ballen 12:54 - run with you OPB: The ChapTones Written by: Avery Roberts Solo: Haley Kagimoto Samples elements of: “Runnin’ (Lose It All),” opb. Naughty Boy, Beyoncé, Arrow Benjamin; written by Jonny Coffer, Naughty Boy, Beyoncé, Arrow Benjamin, Carla Marie Williams 15:26 - october interlude (everyone’s watching) Found audio courtesy of: Emma Ballen, Reece Melber 15:32 - homemade dynamite OPB: Lorde Written by: Ella Yelich-O’Connor, Tove Lo, Jakob Jerlström, Ludvig Söderberg Solos: Ramya Sinha, Marshall Scott Samples elements of: “Sober,” opb. Lorde; written by Ella Yelich-O’Connor, Jack Antonoff 18:13 - falling / recovery OPB: The ChapTones Written by: Avery Roberts Solo: Avery Roberts Samples elements of: “leave me lonely,” opb. The ChapTones; written by Avery Roberts 20:40 - high hopes OPB: Panic! At The Disco Written by: Brendon Urie, Jake Sinclair, Jenny Owen Youngs, Lauren Pritchard, Sam Hollander, William Robban-Bean, Jonas Jeberg, Tayla Pars, Ilsey Juber Solo: Regina Bryant 23:13 - show up to rehearsal not sad (sanaz’s interlude) Motivational speaking: Sanaz Bashiri Found audio courtesy of: Emma Ballen, Reece Melber 23:25 - omen OPB: Disclosure, Sam Smith Written by: Howard Lawrence, Guy Lawrence, Jimmy Napes, Sam Smith Lead: Marshall Scott 26:15 - ilomilo OPB: Billie Eilish Written by: Billie Eilish, Finneas O’Connell Solo: Kaylee Brown 28:30 - both sides now OPB: Joni Mitchell Written by: Joni Mitchell Lead: Avery Roberts 31:48 - epilogue (get well soon) OPB: Ariana Grande Written by: Pharrell Williams, Ariana Grande Solos: Emma Ballen, Marjan Moshiri, Ryan Greger, Sydney Jarvis, Ramya Sinha ARRANGEMENTS, PRIMARY TRACKING, EDITING, MIXING by Avery Roberts ADD’L TRACKING by Regina Bryant, Jordan Decker, Nicholas La’a, Sean McGrath, Abigail Wisdom VOCAL PERCUSSION patterned and sampled from Ethan Stoneham & Avery Roberts ___________________ “i’ll be there” is dedicated with love to our founding music director Stephanie Caress, without whom nothing we’ve created would have been possible.
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